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Mehrangiz Cadry, M.D.

Mehrangiz Cadry, M.D.

General Medicine and Pediatrician

Locations: Central Ave. - South Los Angeles Clinic


  • School of Medicine, Pahlavi (Shiraz) University. Shiraz, Iran. M.D. 1978
  • University of California Medical Center, Irvine. Pediatrics Resident. 1983
  • University Hospital. Family Practice Resident. 1981
  • State of California, Physician and Surgeon 1983


Growing up almost all of my family was in the field of medicine, my father and brother included. Of course my family background influenced my decision to become a doctor, but I truly love my profession. I have now been a physician for over 30 years and I still carry the same passion in to my practice. Working in an underserved area, I urge my patients to eat healthy and concentrate on their physical well-being because I know how hard their lives can be.

My patients motivate me daily; knowing that I can provide them with the best care for a low cost. I particularly like working with families. Because I studied pediatrics and work as a general practitioner I feel as though I am able to provide the appropriate care for an entire family. As a result of my dedication to these underserved areas the people I treat are very appreciative and I have made a lot of friends within the community.

I also have a family of my own — a son who is a lawyer, and a daughter who is working in public health. Being a family oriented person, it means the most to me when I am able to effectively treat my patients and seeing them leave with a smile on their face. I remember one patient in particular whose mother would send me a photo every year of her child until graduation. Once the patient had graduated high school, they personally brought me a graduation photo of themselves. I still have these photos in my office today. Over the years I have gotten to form many of these special bonds with my patients and I hope to make many more.

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