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Mary Christine D. Gonzales, N.P.

Mary Christine D. Gonzales, N.P.

Family Medicine

Locations: H Street - San Bernardino Clinic


  • Master in Nursing Family Medicine
  • Certification AANP


Everyday I remind myself how thankful I am for the life I live, which in turn provides a feeling of satisfaction and a passion to continue what I do. I was born in the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago. Life was hard at first, but I reminded myself to stay grateful and I began a career in healthcare and moved to San Bernardino.

I genuinely like to serve and help needy people, and I began doing so when I lived in the Philippines. I carried that desire to serve when I moved to America where I can achieve my long term goals by working in healthcare. Destiny has brought me to CNHF where I was able to transfer from a RN to an advance practice nurse. Working with an underserved population can be challenging, but I am able to to use my communication skills to encourage patients to continue treatment and to lead healthier lives.

This job helps me maintain humility and a gratitude to God that I am fortunate enough to serve and empathize with these patients, and, ultimately provide service to humanity. My philosophy of wellness is to be healthy in the mind, body, and spirit. I also try to service my patients with the utmost respect.

I am proud to say my own career has been a great motivation and example to my own children, who know want to pursue careers in the medical field. My three children and husband are always loving and supportive and have nurtured me into the person I am now.

In addition to my families love, I am also inspired by my patients appreciation. It is truly humbling when a patient will recommend me to the rest of their family, because I know what it is like to want the best for my own family. Overall, its been a joy working at CNHF and serving their variety of patients. I hope to be able to serve many more in the near future.

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