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Fatema Shamim, MD

Fatema Shamim, MD


Locations: Inglewood Clinic


  • Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
  • Sindh Medical College


When I was growing up, it was my father who motivated me to become a doctor and ultimately help humanity. I found out that one way I can help people, and help them live a healthy life, was to be a doctor.

I took this revelation as a challenge and worked very hard to obtain my degrees and figure out who exactly my patients would be. I made sure to understand my patient’s culture and living environment before treating them. The patients I treat continue to be my biggest motivation.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to pursue my dream and have been working as a physician since 2001. While working in healthcare, I have developed many relationships and memories. Although I have lots of good moments, my most inspiring moments have to be seeing a happy mom after a health check-up. It gives me great joy to see these unprivileged families able to get the healthcare they need, and I make sure their needs are fulfilled.

I also think that I have a special skill when it comes to my patients. I not only evaluate their medical sickness but I try to go beyond and ensure each patient has a safe and healthy living environment to return home to. I have found that this skill is a successful way of managing patients, and ensuring that their lives are full of happiness and healthy.

In short, my patients mean the world to me. One funny story I remember in particular is when a young boy came to the clinic. I helped the boy fill out the questioner regarding general health. The first question was, “Is this your normal day?” The child answered no, and when I inquired he said “because normally I go to school, not to the clinic.” The smiles my patients bring to me are worth all my time I spend at CNHF, and I hope to be able to serve many more within the community.

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