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Doris Onuohah, N.P.

Doris Onuohah, N.P.

Family Medicine

Locations: Manchester Blvd. - Inglewood Clinic


  • Nurse Practitioner


What motivated me to become a nurse practitioner was career enhancement, new opportunities, professional longevity, personal fulfillment, and financial benefit. But I did not know that as a practitioner, I would find a place where I would meet so many amazing colleagues and form special connections with my patients.

I chose to work in an underserved community because I had a realization during my schooling that I wanted to be able to give back to the community. Today I feel as though I am fulfilling that by working at Central Neighborhood Clinics, which is very humbling.

The reason why I chose to work at CNHF is because they help people in need, and I admire their true dedication to their patients. While working here my favorite moments have been those where I help patients achieve their optimal health and I love the happiness expressed when the patient knows they received exceptional care.

I enjoy that California’s medical field allows autonomy to health care providers because I am able to focus on fields that are important to me. Therefore I am given the ability to make a difference in someones life, while pursuing my own interests. I love what I do, and the patients that I am able to help, and I wish that everyone gets the same rewarding experience from visiting CNHF as I get from working there.

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