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A Message from our Founder

Bassett H. Brown, M.D., President & CEO

Our patients are born with the same potential as any of their more advantaged counterparts in well-served communities - to live full, healthy, satisfying, and productive lives. However, the life circumstances that attend membership in our underserved communities conspire to damage our patients' physical and psychological health and ultimately cut their lives short.

Our vision is to eliminate disparities in healthcare access and outcomes by providing superior quality care through an integrated delivery system for underserved multi-ethnic communities in Southern California. Given these communities' long and dismal histories of health disparities, you rightly may ask whether this goal is realistic. The answer is an emphatic YES! But how can this be?

At the most fundamental level, diseases like diabetes and hypertension that historically have devastated our communities are well understood and easily managed under the right circumstances. In fact patient lack of access to accurate information about their medical conditions and to needed treatments is the primary obstacle to optimal health management.

In practical terms this means we must reach out to gain the trust of patients who often have been ignored, discounted, and cheated in their daily interactions with society at large. We must instill confidence and give them reason to believe in our seemingly foreign advice regarding their health, despite it being in conflict with the instructions and home remedies of their beloved grandmothers. We will not convince patients to follow our healing and/or life-saving directions unless we approach them with respect and tenderness. It is our job to inspire them to trust in us and our corrective prescriptions.

Recent healthcare reforms have empowered all employees within CNHF's network of clinics to build and solidify these imperative trust-based patient relationships. As such we are marshaling these newfound resources to facilitate elevated health status, greater life expectancy, and better overall quality of life in our communities. 

This is the essense of our mission; it is why we are here.

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"CNHF's approach to total care made all the difference. I would recommend them to anyone."  CNHF Grand Ave. Patient

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